The Lowerymore River

The Lowerymore River meanders through Barnesmore Gap and past the pub, on its’ way to Lough Eske. The Keadue Falls (Top Right) joins the river just past the pub. The scenery here again is spectacular, including mountains, river, waterfalls and hidden natural treasures which entices the traveller to explore. Running along side the river is the old Railway Line which is still visible to all who visit the pub. Many walkers set off from the pub, exploring all that is to be seen here. Few locations offer such variety and splendour.

The river has been seeded with unfed salmon fry for a number of years. In 2005 the first of these fish returned and for the first time salmon redds were recorded by the Fisheries Board on the Upper Lowerymore River. A fish pass has been constructed on the river at the impassable waterfalls at the White Goat’s Island. Prior to this construction, salmon could not pass the falls.