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Our Menu

Soup & Sandwiches

Soup & Sandwiches served 7 days a week.

[wvc_item_price title=”Homemade Vegatable Soup” text=”A bowl of hearty, homemade vegetable soup served with a roll” price=”€4.00″][wvc_item_price title=”Scones” text=”served with butter and jam” price=”€1.90″]
[wvc_item_price title=”Freshly Made Sandwiches” text=”Your choice of fillings on white or grain bread” price=”€4.00″][wvc_item_price title=”Peanuts” text=”Salted, oregano, balsamic vinegar, honey/mustard, hot & spicy” price=”€1.60″]
[wvc_item_price title=”Toasties” text=”Your choice of fillings on white or grain bread toasted to a golden brown.” price=”€4.50″][wvc_item_price title=”Crisps” text=”Traditional Tayto and a variety of Pringles.” price=”from €1.20″]

Pizza Menu

7 Days a week 1 – 9 PM

[wvc_item_price title=”Margherita” text=”Tomato base + mozzerella cheese” price=”€11.00″][wvc_item_price title=”BBQ Chicken” text=”BBQ base + mozzarella cheese + chicken + red onion + topped with cilantro” price=”€12.00″]
[wvc_item_price title=”Pepperoni” text=”Tomato base + mozzerella cheese + pepperoni” price=”€12.00″][wvc_item_price title=”Irish Goat” text=”Irish Goat Cheese + Red onion chutney + topped with Rocket and Parmesan” price=”€12.00″]
[wvc_item_price title=”Hawaiian” text=”Tomato base + mozzerella cheese + crumbed ham + pineapple” price=”€12.00″][wvc_item_price title=”Hot & Spicy” text=”Spicy Pepperoni, Jalapenos, Onions with a drizzle of Chilli Oil” price=”€12.00″]
[wvc_item_price title=”DIPS” text=”BBQ , Garlic Mayo, Caesar, Sweet Chilli or Taco Sauce” price=”1.0″][wvc_item_price title=”GLUTEN FREE” text=”10 inch gluten-free base available at no extra charge. Please note that the pizza will still be cooked in the same pizza oven and there will be a risk of cross contamination so this option is unsuitable where there is a potential severe allergic reaction.” price=”12.0″][wvc_item_price title=”EXTRA TOPPINGS” text=”Add extra ingredients for 1.00 extra” price=”€1.00″]

Weekly / Monthly Pizza Specials posted to our Facebook page

About Us

Biddy's O'Barnes is a famous roadside Pub in Barnesmore Gap, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Since it's days as an Inn, dating back to the 18th century, a time when the Coach was the main form of transport, Biddy's was a stopping point, where horses were rested, and travellers relaxed before the next stage of their long and tiring journey through the Gap. Today we continue that tradition.

Find Us

Barnesmore Gap
Co. Donegal
F94 HP22
+353 (0)74 972 2647

Opening Hours

[wvc_hours day="Monday - Thursday" hours="11 PM - 11:30 PM"][wvc_hours day="Friday & Saturday" hours="11AM – 12:30AM"][wvc_hours day="Sunday" hours="12:30 PM - 11PM"]

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